Huge Things Are Happening

As you all know I haven’t ever been one to hide things, I’m very open about my spirituality, my religion, and many other views that I have! Well enlight of that (Pun intended). I’m going to share with you some HUGE things that have been going on. I’m still a wrap girl, so don’t go thinking I gave up, nope! I won’t either, I know my time is coming! This is more to do with my life in a personal way. I haven’t ever really shared things like my experiences with psychic abilities, or my other experiences throughout my life. I haven’t shared some of the deeply profound things that may be interesting to some people. You know how I have anxiety issues, and panic attacks, nearly daily, and sometimes more than once a day?

Well I have found a way to get rid of them for the last 3-4 days! I was having them like every day up to 3 times a day. After my surgery, I wasn’t taking my anti-depressants, or my ativan, I actually decided to leave them behind old turkey. I know, why right? Well I know that I wouldn’t be able to stop them if I got hooked on them, and depended on them to save me ever time I had a melt down. I decided that for 11 years prior to these meds I was fine! I didn’t need them at all! I was great, I used other avenues to deal with my suffering, and pain. I decided after surgery this would be a good time to detox from them, and figure out something else to help me other than reaching for a pill. That lead me down a rabbit hole to say the least.

I have always been very spiritual and very intune with my body, and I listen when it says something. I don’t know if I wrote about my surgery, and if I had mentioned I had a dream while under the chemical sleep. I had a dream, but I don’t remember it, It’s blurry to my conscious mind, while I am certain that when I was there it wasn’t blurry then. I saw colours, which is all I an remember, rainbow colours. Which got me thinking about Chakra’s… I was into that a few years ago, but stopped because my husband and his friend teased me and called me a hippie… I decided now would be a good time to show them it’s not hippie mumbo jumbo, it’s real! So I started working with them again, I didn’t know where to start, so I started with binaural beats at night at first. Then I started doing them during the day when I was going to eat solids so I wouldn’t panic… I did of course panic, but I worked through it remembering what the nurse told me just before my surgery. She told me how to visualize my panic into a physical pain, and then using my breathing to chip it away a little at a time. I did this every time I had a panic attack which was almost every day… IT WORKED! I was so over the moon about it working. I then started learning how to meditate. It was hard at first because I know my mind is unable to be quiet. It’s noisy in there all the time. I learned how though, after a few times focusing with earbuds and loud music… 

After meditating got easier, I tried other things, meditating with opening chakra’s while learning all that I can about the healing possibilities of meditation, and chakra’s. Working with them naturally opened up my psychic abilities again, and I was noticing things… Like… Clouds… They were showing me things. Now I know how this sounds to a regular person, but please just open your mind and listen and I will share my evidence at the end and you can decide for yourself, but this is real especially to me, so bear with me. They started giving me visions, and then messages. The last week has been super emotional for me because the message were in the form of Runes in the clouds. I have documented it well, so I will share the video below. I have another video I’m uploading to youtube later tonight so you can see the other things I’ve seen in the clouds. 

On top of this, there have been things that I’ve been realizing form my past that is now making sense as I’m getting older. I made up a story when I was 2 about a place called Unidol, and when I was about 29 I found out that in Atlanits there was a mountain named Undol… I made up a writing script so my mother couldn’t read what I was writing about, I found out when I was 18 it was Runes… I had to make up an english counter part to my made up Rune language so I could teach my kids, so I made up an alphabet song. It goes Ya Ha La Ma Oo Na Pa Ra Uh Wa Va Sa Ta Ba Ee Ca Za Da Fa Ga Eh Ka Ja Qua Iya Zay. This week while watching a youtube series called Spriti Science, they were talking about the 7 sounds of creation… Well Can you guess what they are??? Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Ha La! You cannot tell me that is just BY CHANCE!? 

So after I shared this with people, numerous people had asked me to please write a book about it, and talk about the things I’ve been denying my whole life, about who I am, my abilities, and my experiences. I decided to do just that! I’m currently writing a book, I don’t have a title piked yet, and I don’t know when it will be completely done, I’m only on Chapter 3 so far, but this is the kind of things that’s been happening. I’ve also been asked to start teaching people about the things I know… I said if I were to teach I’d have to charge a fee for my time away from my regular job, and to get the materials I need for the class… They said how much? I was thinking about it, and if I can get a class full of 200 people on Zoom, that would be amazing, I’d charge them only 20$ for the whole course. That would be 9 weeks training, and they would get to learn whatever they want to, we would have workshops, and I’d send them materials they would need for whichever path they choose. 

Of course I’d have to write up a 9 week course for them, and write up the materials I’d need to get, and they would have to pay me before the first class, and they would have the video’s always because I would record them, and then give them copies of the lessons. They would get so much out of my 20$ fee, it should be more, but I want to help people, not bankrupt them. I would stay true to my cause, of healing, while being able to feed my family, and keep some bills paid while I’m teaching these beautiful souls. So I’ve got a lot going on right now, as you can see, writing a book, writing a course to help people heal through meditation and chakra working, and divination. I’m running a full time business online. I’m probably going to be opening up an etsy shop by the end of next year, MAYBE, I don’t know yet, people want me to paint them rocks and sell them online… I know I’ve had so many people ask me to do so many things lol I’m shocked. But for now I’m working on my book, and this healing course. 

Now for the grand finale! The video’s I have promised with alllllllllllll my proof!!! Here you go!:

This video is about the 7 sounds of creation! Which started me to write my book.

This is about the messages from the clouds. I have a bunch of video’s about this on my youtube channel. I will link that below now, and also if you want to see things real time I will link my IG tag.

IG @Stacee_millman

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Gallbladder surgery

As you all know I was struggling with gallbladder stones for awhile, well my surgery was finally set, I found out I could eat solids again, I been working hard on that. I had my surgery 1 week ago today! It was scary for me because I didn’t know what to expect even though I had went through 2 c-sections to have my babies.

So the day of the surgery I went in, I had a spat with Jonny just before I did, and I was scared I was gonna have complications and die or something even though I know that it’s near impossible to die from a gallbladder surgery. So I was nervous and panicking a little. This wonderful nurse knew and could see my discomfort. She told me something that now has forever changed my life!

She told me that she went to this 10 day Buddha retreat which is free! She said every day they helped her turn her anxiety into a physical pain somewhere on her body, and then using breathing techniques chip it away one breath at a time. So you imagine sitting in front of yourself. You ask yourself in the third person “where does it hurt?” “It hurts in your throat. What does it feel like?” “It feels like you have a lump in your throat, ready to choke you, okay deep breath in! And when you breathe out each time it will chip it away little by little until it’s gone!” So you do that for 15 minutes or until it’s gone, and then you have worked through a panic attack! Well I had my surgery. It went incredibly well!

I had no complications, I had no fever, infection, nothing! I was doing so great! I was walking around the house 12 hours after surgery, and I was weak and tired which is normal. It wasn’t until the 4th day I had any problems… I got a rash from one of the pain meds I was on, so I took Benadryl which caused it to spread because I was allergic to something in Benadryl, so I went to a walk in clinic they told me to take reactin, and then 20 minutes after that I started exploding with diarrhea, TMI I know but it’s necessary, I ended up in the hospital which they told me to use a cream for the rash hydrocortisone.

I got home after getting it, applied it, went to bed, woke up and that was the first day without Jonny… he went to work, I had a bad panic attack thinking I was gonna die, I was hysterical… He said “do the Buddha technique” I stopped sobbing and worked through it. It WORKED! No Ativan! No anxiety pills! Nothing but me and my breathing! I started listening to binaural beats at night to calm my body into rest, and I use them during the day to stay calm when I feel a little anxious. I been eating more solids now, I ate a quarter of a grilled cheese, it was the most delicious thing I’ve tasted in 14 months! Then I had brown bread and butter the night after! Then I had potatoes and gravy!

I’m working my way up to a sandwich this week! I want to be on normal solids and the best part is I never panicked after eating any of those! I listened to binaural beats to regulate my brain so I was calm while eating and listened while eating and I never felt like I was unsafe at any point, I was so happy! If you’re like me and you struggle with anxiety, and panic attacks! Try this technique I swear to you It Works! It really does! It’s like a secret that no one knows, so me and this beautiful nurse are spreading the word so you don’t need meds killing your liver!

Live healthy my friends!

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Moving Day!!!

Yes we are moving 2 days early, because!!! We can’t have my surgeons appointment, and move so we chose to move today. We dropped the kid’s off at grandma’s and grandpa’s house until we are fully moved. Last night was the first time me and Jonny were alone in sooooo long. We took advantage of it and watched something without interruption!!! Then we had whatever we can’t have without the boys screaming for some lol Then we passed out when we were tired, which was after 4 boxes were packed and it was after midnight! It was wonderful, then we woke up when we wanted to this morning, and went out for coffee together! Then we came back and started packing again, so I have a video of my marketing tools again, and also updates from today, and I will add more updates later just before we pack up our internet and leave to go to live at our new place. This is exciting and scary, and I’m so happy today!

This explains the morning, I will post the afternoon, and also the evening before we leave. I will make sure it’s the last thing we take. Enjoy this!!! So it’s been the whole day now, so here is the other half of today! I did a walk through of our new place, and then we had some adventures trying to get the couch there without having it fall off the rogue into the highway. It was good times lol so here is the video, and the end of my moving day, I hope everyone enjoys this!

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A Regular Work Day For Me

As a network marketer, I can utilize a small amount of time, and make really decent money. I was doing pretty good when I had my panic attacks. I will explain what a typical day looks like for me, then and now. 


I’d wake up before everyone else, I’d have about 45 minutes to myself, and that’s when I’d try and utilize my time, thankfully facebook has these wonderful add on’s that help you schedule your posts, so for the morning I’d schedule my posts, and then go through my check list of things I needed to do for my day.

  1. Follow new people
  2. Unfollow people who didn’t follow me.
  3. Like, and comment on posts on IG and FB
  4. Message follow-ups
  5. Post 3-3 rule

That was my daily must do’s to be successful in my business. I will now detail them so you understand. Following new people is a must for network marketing because without new people your product, or service will run out of leads. Unfollowing people who didn’t follow me keeps my IG, and FB clean from the people who ghost you. I use two apps for both! Cleaner for unfollowing people who don’t follow me, I place it in cloud ques and let it go while I work the rest of my business, there is also a feature to set it up while you sleep, but you need the app to stay open the whole time. Then Captive to follow new people, in the same cloud ques, I love my apps they save me so much time. Liking and commenting on posts is something all network marketers must teach their downlines so they have the best chance at insights souring, and also engagement to go up. We need traffic, so the best way to generate that is by generating others to come look at your page, and also the more you like, and comment, the more facebook puts your feed at the top of everyone on your friends list. Messaging people who you were talking to the day before is key in developing a relationship, unless they flat out say leave me alone, you’re going to chat with them. We aren’t about harassing, we are about making friends, and helping people. Also if someone is interested and tells you they get paid on so and so day, you’re going to be following up, the key is in the follow up, ALWAYS follow up!!! Posting 3-3 rule, so we used to do this but it still applies, I will explain, before faceook and IG decided to slow the feeds if you post more than 3-4 times a day, we used to post 3 posts, 3 times a day. So morning posts were meme, or quote, product post, then life post, same at lunch, and then dinner because people scroll through FB and IG during those times of the day, so now instead of 3 posts 3 times a day, we post 3 posts during the 3 times in a day, so 1 in the morning, 1 at lunch, and 1 at dinner, and then you can post one just before bed if you want. It helps when people are scrolling to see you at all three times a day. 

Another thing that will help you a lot, is using stories, people are 10x more likely to watch your story then to see your posts on your page. So that’s why I use stories for most of my marketing. Engaging with polls, and fun little things here and there also generates a lot of interest. Going live ensures that people will see your posts first in their feed because that’s the newest feature and FB and IG are trying to promote it to be used more often then just posting. These are all smart tips. now back to a regular day in my work life.

After doing 2 or more of my list Jonny would usually be awake by now to go to work, and I’d do a live video. Then Logan would wake up, so it’s breakfast time. I’d clean up the counters after breakfast, and after my second coffee I’d clean the whole kitchen, and living room. After that I’d have home schooling for Logan, so he can learn how to read, write, spell, and do math, sometimes yoga. After that would be lunch, and if I wasn’t planning on going out that day it would be a lunch picnic inside the house. 

indoor lunchbrunch picnic

If I decide that I’m going out, then we have lunch out somewhere.

lunch out in the mall

The freedom to choose whatever I want to do is thanks to It Works, I would never of dreamed that we can stay in and have food delivered, and then eat at a picnic in the house, or if I want to I can go out to eat. This is all about making extra cash to pay bills, pay off debt, and have fun! Living life is way more important than stressing over adult stuff like bills, and debt. So the reason I couldn’t post this yesterday…

After the video I’m about to post my gallbladder stones were really acting up, I had to go to the hospital, I spent 6 hours there, they were trying to regulate my pain so I could go home until my surgeon appointment this Thursday, so I never got to write this blog yesterday like I wanted, so here it is today, and I still have one more to write for today! Here’s the video.

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Stacee’s Story Time!

I’m going back to April… April was when things started changing and I didn’t realize just how much. I was having days when I was so depressed I could barely function… I stopped watching TV, I stopped enjoying things, I was trying to just figure things out. I was pressuring myself, putting to much stress on me. I felt like I needed to do everything, and not have any time to being myself. I took on a lot this year since everything changed last September. It ended up giving me severe anxiety to the point nearly every day I was having panic attacks. I ended up in the hospital more than 5 times… I was losing all hope that I would recover from the stress and depression that was causing all these issues. 

I went and got help though, and slowly I had to build myself back up. See I am a network marketer, all my money comes from sales I make online. I was at the point where I was rocking it, I was nearly promoted when I started having panic attacks, I worked so hard to get that far too, I worked like how I felt I should be paid. I was doing so well… I let it all slip a little over the last 3 months. I’m not making as much as I was, and I haven’t been working as much as I should. Even so, I have been keeping up with all the statuses from my team, and today we had a big one. I thought instead of writing it out, I’d show you something after a little deeper look at me. 

For years I been trying to do more with my life, make some money and be happy. After having my boys all I wanted to do was raise them. Life isn’t easy for someone like me, I grew up with my parents on welfare all my life, I ended up on welfare too… That was certainly not the plan, which is why I turned to trying to find a way of making money while staying home with my children. After months of watching my upline, I decided to just do it. I joined It Works, and all I wanted to do was make Jade Hooper proud of me, and have my name said at green carpet. I worked my butt off, and I was getting to where I wanted to go in the business. I wanted to replace the income I lost when I was cut off of assistance. I knew our family couldn’t survive off of one persons income. In December just before new years I was crying at super store because I was 20$ over our budget and begged Jonny to just pay it. Instead the cashier paid for it, and I felt so bad that I couldn’t do it, that she had to help me… It was a huge wake up call, and kind of contributed to the low self esteem I was already feeling. Which wasn’t her fault that was my issue, I had too much pride to allow others help me. All my life I never needed anyone I depended on myself because my parents kicked me out and I was on my own so young. I never wanted to depend on anyone, not even my husband. I know how that sounds but I wanted to keep my independence so I didn’t have to figure things out all over again if me and him didn’t work out. I let it get to me too much. It started eating a hole in me… Panic attacks came and I slowed my pace… Now I’m just walking rather than driving… I saw that announcement and I felt like it was a sign from the Lord and Lady saying “We know you been thinking about it, you were good at it, just go and do it!” Since I found a medicine that works and is making me stable, I decided now is the time to jump back in. I also feel like this story may help someone who has struggled with mental illness to know that you’re not alone and there is someone here who can help you if you want to join and make some extra money! I can work at your pace, and trust me even with a small pace you can do a lot with this business! I wanted to put that out there, explain why I wasn’t posting for 3 months, and tell you that I’m back now, and not going to let the things that held me back hold me anymore, I’ve worked through them, and still standing! My boys are a huge reason why I am working again, school is coming up and I wanted to get Logan a bunch of fun things to learn with this year. So I need to make more than I have been to do that, so here is the video that I posted on my IG story, and FB story! I hope you enjoy it.

Everything in this video is true! I been working up to my old self again! Cooking, cleaning, potty training, and soon home schooling again! Plus work, and gardening. I’m super excited, this time I’m going to do it at my pace, and work at it when I have the chance! Work though I’m going to drive through! I have some serious goals and no time to waste!

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Garden Idea’s for New Place

I’m moving next Saturday, and I been really thinking about the kind’s of things I want to do with the upper portion of the backyard. It’s big, and it’s wide, I can only see a garden in the spot. I’d really like to make a garden there, a raised bed garden since I been having back problems this year.


That was from the garden I had at the house after the fire. It was small, but it worked! This time I will have such a much bigger space to work with, it will be muh easier, and I can plant a lot more. 

This is the indoor garden I started at this place, that I’m hoping to plant in the ground where we are moving to. It will be amazing to see next years crops, and harvest once I master gardening as a professional. I’m super excited to just live off the land, learn how to collect seeds for new crops the next year! This will be a great opportunity for the boys to learn so much from me. I consider this part of our field training, and home schooling. So I found some perfect examples of what I’d like for my raised bed garden, here they are:


Personally I like them all, and they would all fit in the space I have to put the garden, but I can only choose one format, and I’m not sure which one I like more, so maybe we can have a vote on it. 1, 2, or 3? Which one would you choose???

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Chaos of Moving!

So let’s kick this off with saying, I’m moving next week. I used to dread moving, and packing, and organizing, (I have OCD). I literally was never one to be fully organized because in the middle I would quit and cry, there was always too much to do, too much label, too much!!! So while we moved we were still packing most of the time. I moved out when I was 24, we packed everything into a pickup and left. I was pregnant with my first son, we moved again, packed everything up into a pickup and left. I was still pregnant with my first son and we literally through everything into storage while we stayed house sitting for  friend. Then when house sitting was over we packed up our stuff into a van and moved again. Then two days after I gave birth to my first son we moved into the suite next to us, so it wasn’t that bad. Then when my son was 6 months old, we moved again into a different city. We stayed at that place for a year and 2 months. Then we spent three days packing, and we weren’t even finished by the time our moving truck came to get us, mind you I was pregnant with our second son by this point, 3 months pregnant lol. Then while living at the place we moved too, it was a ghetto we needed to get out, it was no place for a young boy, or a new born, so we scrambled to find a new home…

6 months pregnant moving day 2014

We found one in another city again! This is me 6 months pregnant with baby #2 and we had to super man the couch, and the mattress…. We had to hold that thing on while going up hill… and down hill… Over a bridge… It was HELL. After that move, we didn’t move again until baby #2 was 3 months old. We moved cities again, and we were a little more organized that time, everything was packed, and ready to go, only thing was I was breastfeeding, and also taking care of a toddler and a newborn, so my packing was like “Okay everything on the counter into this box” and that… Ruined everything when we were unpacking. For example, I unpacked the bathroom box and in it was things for babies room, kitchen, and laundry room… Yeah so while everything was packed and we weren’t scrambling to pack while moving, we had it all over the place which made unpacking harder… 

After we lived there for almost two years, it was like one year 7 months, we had to move due to a house fire, yeah it was bad, I almost lost my first son Logan, if we hadn’t of gotten out in time the roof would have caved in and trapped him in his room… It was scary, and traumatic, and devastating. So we were homeless for a month while we looked for a place, I did everything I could to get us help, funding, and resources, it was so hard… But then we moved into this amazing house that I had such a profound spiritual connection with. I felt like everything in my life, all my path work was leading me this beautiful place, and I tell you I was never happier in 3 years until we moved in there. It was home! I can’t tell you how hard it is to find a place that actually feels like home. We lived there for a year, and then the land lord sold the house, and we had to move again… We were packed up and ready to go again, except, it wasn’t organized the way we wanted it to be again… Kitchen, bedroom, laundry stuff was all mixed here and there lol. We didn’t unpack when we moved though because the place we moved into was horrid, it flooded twice, and the landlord didn’t wire the house right so some outlets didn’t work, and one sparked when you turned on a certain light switch… AND when someone would turn on a kitchen sink another sink in the house would overflow and flood the house… So we stayed 1 month and moved. We got an apartment and we moved without a problem, except nothing was in the box it was labeled for lol. 

So here we are present place, we are moving again, this time into a house! It’s such a beautiful place, and I can’t wait to be there. It’s going to be home! I have a way better plan this time, and it starts with my tips I’m going to share with you to help you with the chaos of moving. 


  1. Do NOT start packing 3 days before moving day! I suggest starting a week or two before moving day, that way you will be able to be ready, no mess, no headache. 
  2. DO NOT put random items in random boxes just to save time, trust me it doesn’t save time when you’re looking for your toaster and it’s in the nursery box…
  3. LABEL!!! It’s so important to label your boxes, I label mine so I know when I see it to put it in that room in the house so I don’t need to move boxes after the house is cluttered with stuff from the moving truck.
  4. Make sure you book a moving truck 4 days in advanced, it’s so hard to get one same day… It’s nearly impossible!
  5. Make sure you keep something to entertain the kids so they are not looking for their stuff in the boxes you’ve spent a week packing.
  6. Put away some money for fast food, like pizza, or Chinese food, because the last thing you want to do is unpack cooking supplies and cook when you get to your new place.
  7. Move in the morning, not at night, it literally takes so much energy, and you don’t want to be setting up beds at midnight and trying to get the kids to sleep in the early morning, it’s really hard on everyone, trust me I’ve been there…
  8. Cancel all your bills two weeks before you move because sometimes they say they didn’t have enough time to cancel because of billing cycles and they charge you an extra month.
  9. Call and have all services switched over for the first day of the month so you’re not waiting three weeks for internet, been there done that, what a headache, I was crying with my kids to get them youtube so they wouldn’t scream at me LOL
  10. The day you’re moving make sure that the movers are fragile with the glass stuff, trust me they don’t look for labels you need to tell them!
  11. Don’t stress if anything goes wrong, there is a saying “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” it’s just the natural order of things, align your chakra’s, meditate in the bathroom, or in the sun. Sing a soothing song, or drink coffee (That works for me, I’m quite addicted to my white mocha’s), it will all be okay!
  12. Smudge your house, I don’t care what religion background you are, purify that space, because the last thing you want is the left over energy from the occupants before intruding on your new energy coming in.

There you have it 12 tips that will make moving a lot easier! I would have added to shower at the old place a day before you move, but that’s whatever. I usually shower at the new place the day I move! I hope this was helpful, and I wish you the best of luck in your journey in your new home! I can’t wait to get out of this place and back into a house!!! EEEeeeeeeeee!!! Can you tell how excited I am? I’m going to be building an amazing garden, and we will have so much fun camping in our own backyard lol it’s huge! I will be doing a video blog for you once I move! Or maybe I will do one when we pick up the keys next Friday! 

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My facebook page where you can watch my lives, when they’re live!!!


Welcome to my new blog spot. I will be giving out lots of information, and posting a lot of content. I can’t wait to see how great this turns out. Have a good evening, well early morning here, it’s currently 1:08 am. Tomorrow I’m going to be writing a blog about moving. 

So I wanted to let everyone know this so you’re not waiting for a blog and not seeing one. My days for blogs are Monday to Saturday! Sunday’s I won’t be writing a blog only because Sundays is my family day! Today I’m just gonna catch up on adding videos from my previous blogs and photos, I will be updating my Sunday stuff tomorrow 😊 I hope you all don’t mind that!

Thank you for coming here to read! 💕

I Feel Like This

I was sitting here, I been struggling with my anxiety off and on since I found out I can eat solids there isn’t anything wrong with my throat. I felt like I was crazy because some how my brain convinced me for 13 months I would choke and die if I had solids, and I was slowly starting to eat solids again but then something else happened in my life, that caused me to stop again.

I was working on my self development and it’s been 2 days since I said an affirmation or prayed, or had any connection to my spirituality. I want to change that… so I was sitting here wondering how I got lost again? I realized I been consumed by mundane things… and also my son who I’ve been working with on regulating feelings and anxiety. It’s helping me too by trying to train him. Things have gotten so crazy recently! So I wanted to walk through each in a small paragraph. Starting with:


My family has recently become a bit more chaotic, Logan’s in regular school. Bringing him up that hill, and getting him is very difficult on my back, but I do it for him. Recently Lukas has been walking up the hill with me. Logan’s stopped wearing pull-ups all together! So we worry he’s gonna pee in his bed at night. Jonny hasn’t been getting as many hours at work, which has caused me to try and work harder towards my goals. So all these things and not to mention Logan has been having a bad transition into regular school… it’s been a lot on me and my anxiety.


Me and Jonny has been having some disagreements more often then we used to. Things have been tight between us, but we have also distanced ourselves from each other a few times in the last two months… which made it difficult on me. I need him so much while I’m going through this anxiety and transition into solid foods again. It’s been hard for me to ask him to be there for me because he is a man and they aren’t exactly like us women, they don’t see the need for emotional support, or cuddles lol but we are working through it because we both agree our relationship is worth it!


Some stuff happened a couple of days ago, I was removed from our team chat… I was worried I did something wrong, but in fact it was the opposite, I wouldn’t find out for 24 hours so my anxiety was running rampant all over the place telling me things, which didn’t help me at all with my new way of thinking… until I was told that nothing was wrong, but that I’m so close to my promotion that my upline wanted to work with me 1-1 rather than me be distracted! So I thought that was super sweet after freaking out thinking a bunch of horrible things lol which is why I’m firmly working hard on my anxiety as best I can!


I been off and on over the last year but I want to be fully back into it. I still celebrate my sabbats, and the esbats! I wanted to get back to walking in the word of the lord and lady. Walking in love and light, talking from a place of love and wisdom rather than anxiety and fear. I been working hard with my spirit guide Flame! We been using my pendulum to talk, and he has been helping me through a lot of stuff by telling me what it really is rather than what my anxiety says! He told me I would promote! I would eat again! I will be healthy! I will be amazing! I just need to work through this trial I’m in. I talk to him daily, and charge my crystals and pendulum weekly from now on. I need to move into celebrating the Sun on Sun Day! And Moon on Moon Day! Mother phase is coming up soon… I am excited! Tomorrow is Mabon! It’s going to be exciting! I have a whole thing planned!


I have surgery coming up soon, I don’t know what I can do about it they gave me recommendations for diet before and after. What I need to wear before and after… I been all over the place about it, scared… nervous… they’re removing an organ, and I was told that rarely but can happen is infections, or cutting of the liver… I’m hoping it goes well… I don’t want anymore problems.

So this is why I’m working so hard on my mindset and my self development. As hard as it is, I do it as often as much as I can! It’s been two days so today, I’m listening to my Goddess mix and saying affirmations. I will work hard and reach my goals! Eating, promoting, surgery, spirituality, health, relationship, family!

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Alright everyone! I’m back! So sorry for the long inbetweens! I’m going to explain! I’m great detail what has been happening! I will share photos! And then jump into the theme of this blog! So explanation for why I been away!

I have had such a hard time with my oldest son! We knew he has some disorders and possible disabilities. What we didn’t know was how bad they would get as he began real school! So his first day he went for the full day, I had a huge 1 1/2 hour talk with the school councillor telling her everything we suspect, and what our family doctor has already diagnosed. So I left the professionals to watch my baby. I left, I went home and did my mom stuff, my work stuff, my wife stuff! Then went to get him at 3pm. When I went to pick him up, the principal was following around with him, and he took me to the side and told me “Hi Stacee, I’m John the principal. We had an incident today involving Logan.” I was like “what happened?” He said “He didn’t get his way with the CA and punched her, then threatened to throw rocks, he ran out of the school, and sat in the field” my first thought was… did anyone follow him? He continued “The CA and his teacher came to my office and informed me and I went to go find him” I said “how long was he alone?” He said “roughly 15 minutes” I swallowed hard… my eye started twitching… my heart started racing and my face turned red… I calmly asked “Okay, why wasn’t I called?” He said “Our policy is that if a kid runs off, we do not chase them… we call 911, and then the parents” I said “okay but I wasn’t called today…” He said “no, we found him and calmed him down” I said “okay, but he was left alone for 15 minutes… what if he got hit by a car? Or stolen? I spent an hour and a half discussing these exact fears with the school councillor and then not even an hour after I left my fears happened and you’re telling me ‘oh it’s okay'” (mind you I wasn’t being rude I was calmly explaining my feelings) he said “I understand, we can try and keep him in the school, but the doors aren’t locked, this isn’t a prison, but we can definitely do better” I said “I would appreciate that!”

The next morning me and Jonny went to the school to try and get a safety plan in place and an H designation for him. The principal said he needed documents from an assessment of any kind for Logan! Then we can make an official safety plan for Logan. I went home and got to work! Called anyone who could direct me in the right direction. Got him an appointment with our GP, he referred us to a PED, then I got referred to a child and youth therapist! We went for our first assessment Tuesday, and it didn’t go well at the beginning, but her trained eye saw all the things we told the school he might have wrong with him. And so I’m working with them and the school to get Logan a plan! For now he goes to school from 9-12:30.

So Thursday when I picked him up the teacher informed me that Logan had an episode, they thought there was a gas leak, and so they called 911, and Logan got so scared he curled up in a ball on the floor and wouldn’t move, he covered his ears and just wouldn’t move he was screaming for me… I nearly cried when the teacher told me. I told her that we had a house fire two years ago, and he almost died because the ceiling fan exploded in the bathroom, and if the roof had of caved he would have been trapped in his room… it was scary and he was traumatized by it. They understood better then…

my business has also been amazingly well! I just learned new skills, and many other things have happened so here they are!

My surgeon called me and booked my gallbladder stones surgery for October! Then he told me the results of my scope! I don’t have scar tissue build up! My throat is perfectly fine and that all this time my fear and anxiety has prevented me from eating solids! So I been working really hard on my anxiety so I can eat again! Every day I say affirmations around my anxiety!

Now you’re all caught up! Let’s talk about the theme of this blog! Mabon!!!

Mabon is the second harvest festival of the year! It’s also when the Lord is preparing for his last battle of the year. He will battle the Holly King on Samhain and die until Yule! Mabon is considered the pagan thanksgiving because we are giving thanks to the lord and lady for all the bountiful food of the years harvest! It’s also the time of year when light yields for darkness as the earth takes a big sleep! So we represent this time with cinnamon, pine cones, apples, honey, corn, wheat, herbs, and spices!

So here is some of the photos I been sharing on social media!

So now I’m working on the deets, for the Mabon Dinner! I’m super excited! I’m not sure if I’m going to do turkey or ham, I think I’m doing turkey… I will do a poll! Who thinks I should do Turkey? Comment 1 and if you think I should do Ham comment 2 and if you think I should do Chicken comment 3! That will help me a lot! I will post all the recipes I’m thinking of between now and Wednesday so you can choose better! I need to have a plan by Friday, because that is Mabon!

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My NetWork Marketing Journey

I had this planned for a long time but never had just enough time to sit down and put it all together into one big blog post. Today I think it would be a good day to try and get it all in here as best I can! I will start with a brief history of the company and then start from when I first joined, all the way up to now. Sound good?

It Works started in 2001 and is now debt-free and expanding all over the world. But no matter how big we grow, we’ll always do things at it Works our way: the It Works! Way.

1995 from humble beginning

It Works! Was born out of Mark and Cindy Pentecost’s passion to offer families like yours the opportunity to dream big, to begin living life in your own terms– because they too has those dreams once themselves.

Long before the founding of it Works! Global, Mark was a high school teacher and a basketball coach in the small town of Allegan, Michigan. Cindy as a stay-at-home mom with their three children, a job of the utmost importance that the family took great pride in her going. They were rich in love and filled with dreams, but struggling to make ends meet financially.

So Mark and Cindy decided a plan: an extra 500$ a month, to be earned through a home-based business opportunity in the telecommunications industry.

After months of evening hours dedicated to their new side business, the Pentecost’s earnings grew far beyond the goal they had originally set. After a few years, Mark became a top-ten earner in the company, bought the family’s freedom, and began to dream of the next big challenge: helping other families do the same. They weren’t sure how they would do it yet, but the seed has been a planted for It Works! Global.

2001 a product so special as the Ultimate Body Applicator could only come from a mind that is both brilliant and passionate about the use of safe, natural ingredients: Luis Mijares. Luis, the formulator behind the It Works! Body contouring and skin care products, has been formed and business partner to Mark Pentecost since their first introduction in 2001.

2005 the It Works! Premium supplements line began when Mark made a routine visit to his doctors office several years ago. On this visit, Marks doctor instructed him to start taking daily multivitamins. But when Mark asked his doctor which one he should take, he was taken aback by the physicians response: “I don’t know, but I wouldn’t take a cheap one. You only live once!”

Today, the It Works supplements line is a comprehensive collection of the nutritional solutions for real people like you to help you combat the elements and stay healthy, and Dr. Don travels around the world with Chief Network Officer Pam Sowder to teach on the benefits of the It Works! Supplements and spread his message of ten easy steps to better health.

2009 the economic crisis that began in 2009 presented many families and businesses across the world with devastating circumstances. We at It Works! Feel very fortunate to have been able to be a source of hope for families in need during such difficult years through our steadfast business opportunity.

Despite the grim economy, It Works! Became debt-free in 2009 and sales began to reach unprecedented heights.

2010 in 2010, It Works! Expanded into Australia and select areas of Europe, and the company continued to break new records through the year.

2011 It Works! Global made the move from Grand Rapids, Michigan where it all began to a beautiful new home in Bradenton, Florida. This corporate headquarters is nestled in a thriving community, just 20 minutes away from multiple world class beaches and only a short mile down the road from It Works! New sister company: Stoneybrook Golf Club of Bradenton.

2012 It Works! Reaches 100$ million sales goal, then doubled it. The G.O.O.D. Bonus and new mantra “debt free is the new sexy” are introduced to align the field with the corporate philosophy of debt freedom. With a 690% growth rate over three years, the company plans new, larger corporate headquarters.

2013 A history of exponential growth continues as It Works! Reaches the 450$ million mark. The leadership team continues to focus on creating jobs while being the beacon of hope for those seeking to improve their health, appearance and lifestyle.

2014 It Works! Completes construction on its new water front corporate headquarters. The “re-dreaming” of 2013’s mission possible becomes reality for many It Works! Global distributors as they begin to live a life of friendship, fun and, most important of all, FREEDOM!

Here comes my part of the story! I was struggling with breast milk production, it wasn’t coming as much as I hoped. I wasn’t eating well because I just had Lukas, it was about February when this woman messaged me on Instagram telling me about a product called greens, she said it might help with my milk production issues. I looked at it and at the time I was struggling to pay bills, so I couldn’t afford the product. But the fact that she can just sell it online got me thinking about the company as a possible career.

I knew of the industry because I was with another company called Works Financial Group. Which is was loyal too for 7 years, I loved the company and I really wanted to make a income from it, but I felt that there wasn’t enough people to reach out too, it was mostly locally run, which made it hard to find people to invite to the BPM’s because we had over 3,000 associates inviting people locally…

so I thought maybe it was time for a switch in industry because I needed something that could work with me, not against me. And this company seemed to be run online and that was way more my speed! (See season 4-5-6-7-8 of my online series The Corporate Diaries for more on World Financial Group and my online run business with them). I decided that I needed to change it up, so I contacted her about the business, I’ve asked her so many questions, and even told her I would join that month.

It didn’t happen that month, or the month after. We moved in March, and I was very short on cash for that month. So it was on hold until July 2015, when I finally joined! I got started and the woman I was under was working super hard to help me, she gave me 9 LC’s in my first month, and I thought this was great! I also sold my wraps that were in my BBK and earned 120$! So I made more with this company in 30 days than I did with WFG in 7 years!

Everything was fast paced and I loved it, I got introduced to Jade Hooper the company Beyoncé! And I was in love with her style, the way she talked, she was real! She was like my twin! I was so happy to be where I felt I belonged finally! January 2016 my upline quit and tried to take me with her to another company, she bad mouthed the woman who got me started, and I felt that wasn’t very classy, or loyal. I’m a very loyal person by nature so when I get involved I am stuck until I grow out of it, took me 7 years with WFG so you can imagine how long it would take with a company I’m actually making money from!

So anyways I stayed working all the way until August 2016 when we had a house fire and was displaced for a whole month! I had no way of working my business as I was homeless… I was worried about my kids, and I used all my money from It Works to feed them through the month… so I had nothing left after… finally we moved into a beautiful house that I felt spiritually connected to, September 2016, and I felt like this was my time! The Lord and Lady were speaking to me and saying it’s time Stacee, you’re gonna be successful and make it wonderful!

May 2017… my landlord tried to rip me off, and lie about it, I took him to court and won! They said I should try and move because my landlord is not gonna be nice anymore, so we moved September 2017 into a house that flooded twice… my son was scared to sleep because he thought he would wake up with his room full of water… so I had to move again, so we moved into an apartment and it wasn’t even nice, but it was something. By now I haven’t worked in 6 months… I didn’t know what to do… I was lost inside I needed to work I liked the fast pace and the money I was making.

I was asking the Lord and Lady to give me a sign to figure out what I should do… November 2017 Jade Hooper had a live video and it was called “new or old DT’s I have a message for you” so I watched it… she spoke about how she wasn’t sure about her life, and how she pinned sheets up in the living room to keep her and her new born son Levi warm… she couldn’t afford her 300$ electric bill… I had an 1,100$ Hydro bill I couldn’t even put a dent in… I was listening and everything she said it was like she was saying “girl I can help you so join ME!!!” And guess what I did?

I joined Jade Hooper! And let me tell you! She does not make it easy lol she wants to make sure you’re serious so she has this beautiful filtering system, she has you make your first post, then she helps you walk through conversations with people, she expects a certain amount of effort from you, I put it all in, I showed her I was hungry, 24 hours after joining she finally added me to team pages, and groups! She tagged me in everything I needed, and she invited me to every live she had, and not just that! She added me as a friend on Facebook and Instagram! She watched me, she guided me, she tweaked all my stuff to make it natural, and more comfortable!

She shaped me into a business woman! She mentored me, and all I can say is how grateful I am she did that! She is my idol, and I love her so much! Like a twin sister! Only she’s American and I’m Canadian lol but you know what I mean! She was the light in my darkness! And even when things were hard for me in April through July 2018, she was there! She was doing lives and it was like she was speaking right to me! And thanks to her I have seen success! And I’m going to continue to see success because she is the best of the best in the company and there is no way I can fail with such leadership!

Now! I have up on my YouTube channel all the daily videos I share in my stories on FB and IG. I have been following the instructions I got back in November, and I’m making this work! I’m working daily on my mindset so I’m more confident, more extroverted than introverted, like is natural to me. Without this company, without Jade, I wouldn’t be where I am! I wouldn’t be as lucky as I feel even though it was all work and hardly luck. So we have this new system we are beginning now! I want to share it with you, without giving away all of our secrets because it is Jades master piece and only those on our team should be allowed to benefit from her hard work.

So I shall share screenshots of some of the material!

These are just a small portion of what we are learning, like I said I’m not going to reveal all the secrets, Jade has found the formula to success and if she wants to reveal it to the world that is her right, but I will not spill the beans! Except to my team! Which I am learning this system so I can teach them! That way leaders can lead with mastery of social media!

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So as you all know I been gardening for awhile! And my plants have been doing so well since I moved them into the raised garden bed outside in the front yard! I know it’s been such a long time since I wrote about my garden, I have had so much going on! I’m even planning on updating everyone on my business, and the new plans we have done!

So I will share with you some photos from my garden in the beginning all the way up to now, so you can see how amazing it has gotten!

This is the biggest update for my garden ever! I’m so proud of them though! I hope you enjoy watching my videos, and looking at my photos!

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I’m so sorry I haven’t been blogging. We just found out that my grandfather died on my moms side of the family. I have been mourning hard the last few days, and before that I was prepping for Logan’s Birthday!

Yesterday we celebrated a life as I was also mourning a life. We got Logan everything he wanted for his birthday, and I even made his favourite foods, gyoza and California roll. He had an amazing birthday that’s for sure!

I had found out more details about my grandfathers death. We found out that he had kidney cancer and was suffering for a long time when it finally took his life on Aug 1… and my Uncle Pete did not inform anyone until the 30th… so now we are all scrambling to have a memorial service for him.

We launched our September’s game plan 90 day push to make people reach their ultimate goals in the business, and today we have some huge announcements coming from the top on the family call later this evening.

Logan starts grade 1 on Tuesday and we are so excited, and worried because we have to explain Logan’s situation more to the school. He has SPD and ODD we have to explain we are in the lengthy process of getting him officially diagnosed, but we have been using some of the suggestions from mom groups who have children with these conditions and some of them have helped.

Mabon is coming up fast and I need to prepare the whole house for that, and write down the list of ingredients for my recipes for that day!

I will find out this week what happened with my scope I had on the 23rd for my throat, hopefully I am able to eat now. I also have an X-ray on the 17th of this month, and I will find out more about my stones then too.

My plants are doing amazing! My tomatoes are growing flowers now so I’m assuming they will be growing tomatoes soon too! Also my cucumbers are doing great too! They are finally getting so much bigger! My peas have attached to the tomato plants for support lol

So as you can see I’ve had one busy month, and I’m having one hell of a busy month ahead! I will keep blogging though do not worry! I have so many ideas that will be posted soon!

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